My Research interests: 

Optical Markerless Motion Capture and Pose Estimation

2D-3D Pose Estimation

Real-Time Tracking and  Multidisplay Rendering

Augmentation (AR), Panoramas and Real-Time Graphics

Iterative 2D-3D Pose Estimation

2D-3D Pose Estimation is a research topics long since and dozens of iterative and non-iterative algorithms are available. However, iterative algorithms that are available for public download as C++ code are sparse.
On the right are links to an 2D-3D Pose estimation algorithm, that showed  to be more accurate
(SCIA2009) than POSIT (which is part of OpenCV). Additionally it allows internal camera parameter estimation.
The algortihm is a by-product of my phd-work on marker-less motion capture from single (stereo-)camera views.

The The 2D-3D pose estimation mthod is implemented in the class BIAS::CamPoseCalib

The easy way to compile(windows only) is with
Visual Studio 2008 (solution files included):

The complete BIAS library for linux and windows with cmake can be found here: Uni Kiel BIAS HomePage