Marker-Free Human Motion Capture:
Estimation Concepts and Possibilities with Computer Vision Techniques from a Single Camera View Point

176 pages, Publisher: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (July 22, 2010), ISBN-13: 978-3838382227 on

A Comparison of Iterative 2D-3D Pose Estimation Methods for Real-Time Applications
Grest, D.
, Krüger, V. & Petersen, T., Proc. of SCIA 2009, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 5575, s. 706-715. 10 s. download as PDF

Parametric Hidden Markov Models for Recognition and Synthesis of Movements
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Gradient-Enhanced Particle Filter for Vision-Based Motion Capture

Grest, D.
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Human Action Recognition in Table-top Scenarios: An HMM-based Analysis to Optimize the Performace
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Marker-Free Human Motion Capture in Dynamic
Cluttered Environments from a Single View-Point.
D.Grest, PhD thesis,
MIP Group (Prof. R. Koch), Uni. Kiel, Kiel, Germany, 2007
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Single View Motion Tracking by Depth and Silhouette Information.
D.Grest, V.Krüger, and R.Koch
In Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis,, 2007
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Chapter "MoCap for Interaction Environments"
D.Grest and R.Koch.
in Dagstuhl SeminarProceedings 06241:
Human Motion - Understanding, Modeling, Capture andAnimation. 13th Workshop. Springer,
Eds. B. Rosenhahn and D. Metaxas.

Monocular Body Pose Estimation by Color Histograms and Point Tracking
Daniel Grest, Dennis Herzog and Reinhard Koch
Proc. of DAGM 2006, Sept. 2006, Berlin, Germany
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Human Model Fitting from Monocular Posture Images
Daniel Grest, Dennis Herzog and Reinhard Koch
Proc. of VMV 2005, Nov. 2005, Erlangen, Germany
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Multi-Camera Person Tracking in a Cluttered Interaction Environment
Daniel Grest and Reinhard Koch
Proc. of CAIP 2005, Sept.  2005, Paris, France
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Markerless Augmented Reality with Light Source Estimation for Direct Illumination
Jan-Michael Frahm, Kevin Koeser, Daniel Grest and Reinhard Koch
Proc. of CVMP 2005, pp. 209-218, London, December 2005

Nonlinear Body Pose Estimation from Depth Images
Daniel Grest, Jan Woetzel and Reinhard Koch
Proc. of DAGM 2005, Sept. 2005, Wien, Austria
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Realtime Multi-Camera Person Tracking for Immersive Environments
Daniel Grest and Reinhard Koch
IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing 2004, Oct.
Siena, Italy
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A Color Similarity Measure for Robust Shadow Removal in Real Time
Daniel Grest, Jan-Michael Frahm and Reinhard Koch
VISION, MODELING, AND VISUALIZATION 2003, Nov. 19 - 21, 2003 Munich, Germany
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Diploma Thesis

"Ein System zur visuellen landmarkenbasierten Roboternavigation"
Diploma Thesis (ps.gz 6.3MB), Cognitive Systems Group, Uni. Kiel, 2002