Since Oct. 2006 at Aalborg University Copenhagen:

Spring 2010

Artificial Intelligence Programming                        MED6          2 ECTS

             Game AI: state Machines, path planning etc.

Intelligent Systems                                                   MED8           3 ECTS  

            Virtual Reality Systems, Interactive Public Spaces


Autumn 2009

Computer Graphics & Digital Scenography                            MED5                           2 ECTS  

               Basic Computer Graphics Theory: Illumination, BRDF, Shading, Texturing etc.

Computer Graphics Programming (OpenGL)                         MED5                           2ECTS   

               OpenGL basics, peer-review, oral and written exam

Interactive Systems Programming                                            MED7                           3ECTS 


Spring 2009

Advanced Animation, Motion and visual Effects                                 MED8        1 ECTS  

               Working with the VICON optical motion capture system

Advanced Programming                                                                       CVG8         3 ECTS  

              project based course: Programming in the many

Artificial Intelligence Programming                                                      MED6         2 ECTS

             Game AI: state Machines, path planning etc.


Autumn 2008

Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality                                                     CVG8                    3 ETCS

             OpenGL and CG Theory

Graphics Based Vision                                                                           CVG8                      1 ECTS

                    3D Vision, Corner Detection, Matching, Pose Estimation (by  Nonlinear Optimization)


Spring 2008

 Advanced Programming                                                                        CVG7, CNS7

 Applied Computer Vision                                                                       CVG7          

 Artificial Intelligence Programming                                                        MED6        

Motion Capture                                                                                         MED8



Computer Graphics                                                                                CVG9                                      

Computer Graphics & Digital Scenography                                        MED5                                                                

Computer Graphics Programming                                                       MED5                                              

Motion Capture                                                                                       MED8                          

Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic                                                         CVG

                  Perceptron, RBF networks, Support Vector machines

Virtual Reality Design (3 lectures)                                                        MED8                         
              OpenSG Intro for Augmentation


2003-2006 at University Kiel

2003/04           Exercises for the lecture „Digital Systems Informatik I“

2003-2006        Supervision of student projects in „Virtual and Augmented Reality“



Spring 2007 to Fall 2009 at Aalborg University

2010: Master Thesis in Computer Vision and Graphics:
“Three-Dimensional Agricultural Track Mapping from Stereo Vision” by Jan Sommer

2010: Master Thesis in Medialogy:
“The Perceptual Influence of Approximating Ambient Occlusion in Real-Time Rendering” by Christian Jakobsen
Master Thesis: “Visual Fatigue and Discomfort in Stereoscopic Video” by Birna Olafsdottir

2009 Master Thesis in Computer Vision and Graphics:
“Facial Motion Capture with Sparse 2D-to-3D Active Appearance Models” by Esbe Pleng

2008 Master Thesis in Computer Vision and Graphics:
“A Comparison of 2D-3D Pose Estimation Methods” by Thomas Petersen

Selected Bachelor Theses and Group projects:

2010 Forced to Fuse, Med5 project

2010 Perspective: Applying Engagement & Immersive Technologies To Interactive Systems

2009 Physicacia: A puzzle game with scanned real-life content

2009 Smile Reactor: Reactive Movie Playback

2008 Using a Mass Aggregate Engine with Motion Capture for Facial Animation

2008 Sparse Optical Flow for 3D Objects by Jan Sommer and Ricardo Arango

2007 3D Hand-Held Laser Scanner for Surface Reconstruction by Uni Dahl and Christian Gleerup


2003-2006 at Uni. Kiel

Bachelor and Master Theses:
      2004                                Bachelor thesis of Ingo Schiller:

                                             “Flight path visualization in OpenSG”               

         2005                                Bachelor thesis of Andreas Niemann
                                             in corporation with the shipyard “HDW Kiel”

      2005 - 2006                      Bachelor and Master thesis of Dennis Herzog
Master thesis: “Marker-less motion capture by

                                             optical flow and silhouette information”

      2005 - 2006                      Bachelor and Master Thesis of Marcel Lilienthal

                                             Master thesis: „Real-Time tracking of deformable

                                             object contours in video sequences“